Client Application Best Practices

When completing laci’s client application, we recommend considering the following:

  • Key Questions: The key questions you provide us in section four will provide us insight both into your problem and the research that will be necessary to complete. Examples of questions might be:

    • “How should we communicate with our volunteers to increase our retention rate?”

    • “What schools/outside parties should we partner with to expand our reach in the community?”

    • “Would it be financially sustainable to bring out after-school program in-house or continue to use tutors to lead the workshops?

    • “How do other organizations market their professional development services to their employees and how can we utilize this knowledge to develop our own services?”

    • “How do we grow our program to increase revenue received while maintaining our impact in the community?”

  • Documents and Information: We recommend you detail any information you have that would benefit the LACI team’s research. For example, if you are looking into employee retention, you might outline some of the materials to which the LACI team would have access.

  • Buzzwords: Although it is easy to use buzzwords to describe the problem and the project, describe what you mean when you use broader terms like “strategic analysis”, “marketing plan”, “infrastructure”, etc. By describing these terms, you are providing us context as to what these ideas mean for your organization.

  • Prioritize: We understand that at any one time, your organization might face many problems. With this in mind, you should submit a project that speaks to a single crucial problem you are looking to overcome. Should you have multiple projects in mind, submit multiple distinct applications with the expectation that only one project will be considered should you advance through to our interviews.

  • Time Frame: The work the LACI team can complete is limited to around 10 weeks. Therefore, the scope of work should be suitable for the length of the project.

  • Out of Scope: Your project should focus on describing a problem that will allow the LACI team to provide research-backed recommendations. Marketing plans, compilation of internal data, grant writing, or other similar materials fall outside of LACI’s scope of work. Therefore, you should not propose a project that expects these as guidelines.