Our Client Application Process


project proposals

Organizations must submit a LACI Project Proposal application to be considered as a client for our upcoming semester. We recommend organizations include the following information to give LACI the most comprehensive understanding of the potential project.

Scope: LACI’s ideal project has a clear and well-defined scope, which articulates the specific difficulties the client is currently experiencing and how these challenges are hindering the organization’s social impact. Clients are encouraged to specify their scope when they can; while the LACI team will refine the scope, a vaguely-worded scope can weaken a project proposal. Utilizing a key question when defining your project scope will help LACI in assessing your project’s vision.

Impact: Proposals should clearly articulate how the LACI team will better assist the client in achieving its overall mission and vision for social impact. While we accept applications from both nonprofits and social-minded for-profit ventures, we expect all projects to align to furthering the organization’s social impact, not just fixing an organizational issue.

Communication: Clients must demonstrate a commitment to the LACI team and agree to routine communication with the LACI team throughout the semester. This will be defined explicitly at the beginning of the project engagement, but at a minimum, clients should expect to meet with the team in-person twice, to have weekly one-hour phone calls with their team, and to be able to respond to team emails/requests within 48 hours.

Interested in applying to LACI? Our applications are completed online, and Spring 2019 applications are now open. Please fill out the mailing list here for application information. Before applying, we recommend you thoroughly review examples of past LACI projects here to better understand the elements of a successful project proposal.