If you are an undergraduate student at USC, no matter your major, we encourage you to learn more about LACI and consider applying to be a LACI consultant. 

Applications are now closed for the Spring. You may sign up for updates in the Fall here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Note to freshmen and non-business majors: No consulting experience or extensive business knowledge is required to join LACI. First and foremost, LACI is meant to give students a way to help the LA community while developing the skills to become a successful consultant. Our application process is designed to help us to determine if you are a good fit for LACI, as well as to determine if LACI is a good fit for you.

Application Process

What We Offer

A chance to better the LA community

LACI consultants apply their knowledge and skills to help nonprofits and small businesses in the LA area by solving real business problems.

A dynamic team-based work environment

Every semester, you'll work with a team of 3-4 other LACI members from diverse majors and various experience levels and backgrounds. You'll learn from them through experience and, in time, become a leader and contributor.


Leadership opportunities

After working on a few projects, you'll lead your own team, setting the direction and scope of a project and managing client relations. Ultimately, you'll take ownership of a client's project and determine the extent of its success.

Professional development

By joining LACI, you'll have the opportunity to improve your analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to interact with our professor mentors, alumni, and professional network, with whom we host events throughout the semester.


Personal growth

As a member of our fellowship, you'll tackle relevant social issues and form meaningful relationships with peers who share your interest in social impact and consulting. Your fellow consultants will push you to think in new ways about important personal and social issues, driving personal growth.

What We Expect


LACI consultants should have a genuine desire to help and improve the Los Angeles community.


LACI members dedicate, on average, 3-8 hrs/week to project-related research and analysis, team and client meetings, events, organization-wide meetings, and workshops (for new members).

Problem-solving ability

While there is no formal training or expertise required, you should take a structured approach to problem-solving, have an aptitude for finding and improving weaknesses in a system, and demonstrate both creativity and practicality.


LACI is a team-oriented organization. As such, we look for applicants who will thrive in dynamic settings. We want members who take initiative and contribute original insights to their projects. But more importantly, we look for people with whom we can both work and hang out.

Semester Outlook

A typical semester in LACI consists of:

  • A ten-week education workshop series for new members
  • Weekly team meetings and regular client meetings
  • Scoping the client's issues, conducting primary and secondary research, developing recommendations as a team, and creating a final deliverable
  • Three project progress presentations to LACI Board
  • A Semester Showcase with LACI members, clients, and community members
  • Professional development events and networking opportunities
  • Formal and informal fellowship events with new and returning LACI members

If you any questions, feel free to email us at