What We Offer



Since 2004, Los Angeles Community Impact has partnered with over 200 nonprofits and socially-minded businesses. Our clients vary in size, mission, maturity, and reach. We've built our skills to develop a professional, results-driven project experience for clients.

Over the course of 10 weeks, your LACI team will work with you to identify your most critical challenges, conduct in-depth primary and secondary research, and generate creative yet practical solutions. Their work will culminate in a detailed, physical deliverable presented to you at our biannual LACI Showcase. The deliverable will explain your team's findings, present its recommendations, and serve as a strategic guide for your organization moving forward.


5 time recipient of USC Org of the year

LACI is a also a five-time recipient of Most Outstanding Organization at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Your LACI team will consist of four to five committed and capable student consultants. LACI selects its members through a competitive schoolwide application process. We provide formal training and feedback to our members, as well as providing them access to a wide range of project resources. Most importantly, we share a drive and determination to truly make a difference in the LA community.