Our Mission

Founded on a powerful service-learning concept, Los Angeles Community Impact is committed to strengthening the Los Angeles community while fostering the professional and personal growth of its members. 

Service-learning is the idea that students can learn widely applicable, real-world skills while performing valuable services for the community.

Our Approach

Each semester, LACI members are divided into project teams of 4-5 student consultants. Each team is paired with a client for a 10-week engagement.

Under the guidance of an experienced team leader and the LACI Board, teams engage with their client, professor and alumni mentors, and fellow LACI members to:

  1. Identify the client's business-related challenges

  2. Conduct research and generate actionable insights

  3. Develop a final deliverable of strategic recommendations

Ultimately, LACI fosters mutually beneficial relationships with community partners. Members gain valuable experience solving real business problems, while clients and the community benefit from our work.

Our Leadership



Jackie Hwang


VP of Internal Resources

Samuel Breck


VP of Human Resources

Patricia Henry


VP of Projects

Lauren Phillips


VP of External Relations

Sandie Luo


VP of Fellowship

Yauss Agahi

Student Interest List

Join our interest list for updates on LACI and our application process at https://goo.gl/sm4fwR.